March 07, 2015

Bucket List - Challenge Yourself #16

It's that time again!  I love it when it is time to reveal a new challenge.  Your creative wheels really start to churn and your excited to lock yourself away to create some goodness.

I am fortunate enough to be a SAHM and I have time during the week to be creative, but I know others only have a few minutes to themselves.  I hope you find time to participate in this month's challenge at Challenge YOUrself.  You'll be glad that you did.


Challenge YOUrself #16:  Your Bucket List 
What are some of the things you want to do in your life?   Have you recently achieved something on you bucket list?
Tell us about it.


My bucket list seems to be forever growing, and if I included that list, there would be no room for a picture of me.  And since a requirement of this challenge is to include a photo of yourself, I decided to create a...

Travel Bucket List for 2015.

What is really cool about this photo is that I am standing in front of a vintage map that used to belong to my Aunt Oda and Uncle Al.  They did not have children and were able to travel the world.  This map contains pins of every location they had been...  Let me just say that the map is covered with them.

I am continuing the tradition with my family.

Tons of layers on this page.  My go to spot is my scraps bin.  I love digging through and finding bits and pieces that just fit together.  I don't work from kits often.  I prefer to create my own kit.

I usually start with a pile of scraps and embellies on my table that "might" fit.  I piece them together until I'm satisfied with the look.

Our big trip of the year is a 2-week trip to Yellowstone National Park.  This has always been a dream of my husbands.  We will be pulling our camper from Michigan.  Should be quite a road trip!

A little closer look at what landed on the page.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Fun layout Lisa! Love all the maps and reading about your layout. Safe travels! xo

  2. Lisa, I love your layout so much! That photo of you is so cool! We want to travel more, too, and traveling to the Grand Canyon and to Germany is on my bucket list!