January 30, 2013

Stacked - CSI

As much as I love sketch inspiration, you just have to throw in a color challenge every now and then.  Since I am on the Color Me Scrappy DT, on my free time I tend to stick to sketches, but I just could not pass up this color scheme at CSI.

I went with the minimalist approach on this.  I wanted to the picture to stand out, so kept it very simple.


Miss You - Stuck?!

Okay, I made it to double digits!  This is page 10 of 100.  I'm moving right along on this challenge that Pam and I have set out on.  Really?  Who decides to create 100 pages before buying anything scrappy related?  Oh, and did I mention that we have a deadline?  Yup.  All of these pages have to be done by Mother's Day weekend because we have a shopping trip planned.

This sketch inspiration came from Stuck Sketches.

Here is my take:
This is a brick that was dedicated in my Grandmother's name at the Phoenix Zoo.

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Memories - The Studio Challenges

I'm moving along on my "100 Challenge".  This page is 9 of 100, al least that is what has been posted.  Keep checking back for more posts.  I'm trying to post a page every day, but sometimes life gets in the way.

We had no school for 2 days.  My son thinks he, single handedly, caused the snow day.  I'm not exactly sure how this superstition came about, but he slept with a spoon under his pillow, slept with his pj bottoms inside out, and put 3 ice cubes in the toilet.

That was the first day and the second, there was no power.  So, it's been a few days since I've posted.

The inspiration for this page came from The Studio Challenges, January challenge.

This is the sketch:

I love how this sketch is easy on the eyes.  It does not contain patterns or colors leaving it open for interpretation.

I started by stamping on the BG for the multiple layer look.  I also rotated my pictures so they would fit the pics I had.
This is from a trip to the Grand Canyon.  I really need to get this album completed.

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January 24, 2013

Light the Way - White With 1

When I saw this color combo at White With 1, I knew that I just had to do this. I've always been drawn to these colors and then put them together, and I really got excited.


The other twist of the month is to use a summer picture.  No problem, right?  I knew exactly what picture I wanted to use.

My take on this fabulous color combo...

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For those that are following my '100 challenge', this is page 8 of 100.

Making Time to Pray - Scrapping Everyday Miracles

Lately, I've been inspired by sketches.  I've found sketches on Pinterest and on the numerous challenge blogs out there.  Maybe it has something to do with being on the DT of Color Me Scrappy.  I don't get the opportunity to work from a sketch there very often.

Note to self...  apply for DT positions with sketches!

This sketch came from Scrapping Everyday Miracles.  This was there January 2013 sketch challenge.

My take on this one...

This was on our trip to Arizona.  In Sedona, there is this church literally coming out of the rocks.  It is beautiful!  You want to know what is more beautiful than the church itself?  Children, my children, wanting to thank God for the vacation that He provided for us.  The opportunity to see the Grand Canyon and all the beauty that surrounds.

The circles around the picture is made from Liquid Glass by Close to my Heart.  As I look back at it, it reminds me of a halo.

I struggled with the banner up the right hand side.  It just doesn't flow as well as I had hoped it would.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Maybe we are our own worst critic...

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For those that don't know about my "100 challenge", let me recap...  Since my scrapbooking room is bursting at the seems, Pam and I have decided to complete 100 pages before we buy anything scrappy related.  We have a trip planned to the Mega Meet in May, so I need to average 20 pages per month.

This is page 7 or 100.

January 23, 2013

Unconditional Love - Let's Get Sketchy

Inspiration here came from Let's Get Sketchy...

If I really designed a page with the above sketch in mind, my pics would have been quite a bit smaller, but I just couldn't crop any more off...

That's truly what I enjoy most about sketches, you can interpret them any way you want.  There is no right or wrong.  It is your creation.

Page 6 of 100.  To be honest, I've completed 29, but I just can't post ALL of them in one day.  Keep coming back each day to see another creation.

Enjoy Ever Experience - Creative Scrappers #243

I loved this sketch from Creative Scrappers.  I could definitely could do multiple pages using this sketch, and I just might do that!  What I like best about this sketch is that no matter how many times I use it, each page will come out unique.

My take on this one...

So, from a distance, it looks like I sewed around each of the flags, but a closer look reveals that it was just doodling.  That has been my goto lately.  It adds just enough detail.

Behind the picture, I used modeling paste and then lightly painted over it after it dried.  I like the messiness of it, but it takes FOREVER to dry.

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And if you are wondering, this is 5 out of 100.

January 18, 2013

Mackinac - CMS #26

Eric and I took the boys to Mackinac Island this past summer.  We brought our bikes and rode around the island...  8 miles.

For those that don't know, Mackinac Island is in Michigan.  When stepping on the island, it's like stepping back in time.  There are no cars allowed on the island.  Transportaion is limited to horse drawn buggy or bicycles.  It a bit busy at times, but when you get onto the other side of the island, it's actually quite remote.  And did I mention beautiful???

Challenge #26 at Color Me Scrappy is a very neutral palette.  I tend to love these types of challenges. 

Here is my take on it...

I love chevron right now!

I created the banner by punching out circles, inking the edges, and then haphazardly layering them.  To give them a bit more dimension, I sewed a zig zag across them.

The hexagons shapes came from tracing a chipboard shape, and then accented with a few pearls.

The cardboard came from one of the many moving boxes I have on hand.  LOL.

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January 17, 2013

Nap Time - Sketchabilities

Eric and I had gone to San Francisco for my 40th birthday.  It was a wonderful trip.  We managed to get away without kids for a long weekend.  I enjoyed that trip so much.

It seems like I've been working on this album for a while, so I've got to get it done, so I can move on.  There has been quite a few pages dedicated to this trip on my blog lately.

This is page 4 of 100 for my "100 page challenge".

Inspiration came from Sketchabilities # 82.

I love this BG.  I know that it is considered vintage, but it really reminded me of the dock that these seals were on.

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January 14, 2013

Linking Culture - CMS #25

Check out this color palette from Color Me Scrappy!


This color palette really stumped me, I didn't know where to begin with this one.  The inspiration picture was were I got my inspiration.  It had an oriental feel to it, so I grabbed some pictures from our trip to San Francisco.  These were from Chinatown.

I loved all the patterns on this page.  It just has that oriental feel that I was going for.  The streets were jam packed with color and patterns and I wanted that to come across on the page as well.

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January 13, 2013

Every Prisoner's Dream

Where do you get your inspiration for a page?  Does it come from sketches, color combinations, magazines?

I get my inspiration from various online challenge sites.  You can find the challenge site I visit on a regular basis on the right column of my blog.  Feel free to leave a comment of other sites you would recommend.

This page was inspired by a sketch from Creative Scrappers, sketch #241.

I struggled a bit with the page.  I really liked the sketch, but it didn't just fall together as I would have expected.  It didn't turn out the way I had envisioned.

This picture was taken from Alcatraz looking toward San Francisco.  We were told in our tour that when the windows were open in the prison, the prisoners could hear the nightlife of SF.  They could hear music and laughter.  Can you imagine the torture?