January 02, 2013

Coming Soon!

I've been so busy with Christmas that I've had limited time to scrap.  But since after Christmas, I've been on a scrapping frenzy!  I've managed, so far, the complete 22 pages!!!  Be on the lookout for these pages, I'll be taking pictures and posting them here.


It seems I've only had time to fulfill my Color Me Scrappy commitments, but these 22 pages have inspiration from all over the web.  My latest obsession is Pinterest.  You can follow me here... click here!


My kids go back to school tomorrow and I'm hoping to post 5 or so pages a day until they've all been revealed.


One more big announcement...  I'm on a buying boycott!  Pam and I have decided that our scrappy spaces are literally bursting at the seams.  We have vowed to not buy anything scrapbooking related until we complete 100 pages.  Maybe that's why I've been on such a rampage?

We have a huge scrapbook convention that we go to in May and I NEED to complete these pages by then so I can buy the latest and greatest goodies!  Wish me luck!

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