June 22, 2013

Make Yourself A Priority - CSI No. 77

Hello everyone.  I'm back with another challenge from CSI.  And to top it all off, I've done a page about myself.  That doesn't happen very often, so I must point it out.  I'm normally the one behind the camera, as with most scrappers.
My husband is fabulous!  I just wanted to make that known.  For Mother's Day, I received Silhouette Cameo.  I used it to make the background.  I was in love at first cut!!

Thanks for stopping by.  It means the world to me if you leave some love!

June 19, 2013

Disney World - CMS #40

The "Disney" album has begun.  If you are looking to get your Mickey fill, keep checking back.

I'm one of those chronological scrappers.  If I don't scrap in order, oh the mess.  I don't want to think about the mess.  For a while, about 2 year ago, I threw caution to the wind and decided to scrap whatever pictures tickled my fancy.  I usually picked a picture that would go nice with a challenge I was attempting.

Since I wasn't working on one particular album, I just stacked up the pages as they were completed thinking I would come back to them and put them in albums.  Well, I sort of got on a roll and when I finally got around to taking care of my stack, I had 9 albums to buy.  Just because I didn't scrap in order doesn't mean I didn't want them in the album in order.  All I can say, is thank goodness for Joann's and Michael's digital coupons.

As I started the organization process, I put each page in an appropriate pile to keep the albums separate.  This process covered my dining room table that sits eight...  Yikes! 

After I organized the pages, I realized that I had gaps in some albums, so I left those pages empty.  I later went back and took notes of which pictures were missing so I could print and scrap them.

I refuse put an album on my shelf until it's complete.  I'm afraid it would be years before I took it back down to only realize there were missing pages.  So now, I have a stack of 5 unfinished albums, which is better than the 9 I started with.

Ok, enough of my story of why I scrap chronologically.  What about you?  How do you scrap?

I LOVED these color at Color Me Scrappy this go around.  The twist was to use a black & white photo AND create a square/grid pattern.

I don't normally print in B&W.  I don't know why...  I usually like the outcome, but not sure why I don't print more of them.

Here is what I came up with...
The picture quality is actually quite poor.  I apologize for that!  The colors are actually quite a bit closer to the inspiration picture.
A few detail shots...

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June 14, 2013

Happiest When I'm Building - CSI

I loved the way that this page turned out.  I was inspired by a page that I found on Pinterest.  The messy stitching was my inspiration.  I love to stitch on pages and I found myself almost always stitching in straight lines...  I guess that is the seamstress in me...  Why do we have to stitch straight?  Apparently, we don't have to!

CSI provided the color inspiration and Pinterest, the stitching!  Thanks!

PS...  did anyone notice that I glued the picture of my son's hands upside down? 

June 10, 2013

Forever Mine - CSI

I'm so happy to be back as a Guest Designer at CSI.  I love all the inspiration that comes from this site AND now I get to be a part of that inspiration.  Check back each week for my GD pages.
This week was a bit difficult for me because I don't normally scrap in pastel colors, but sometimes, you just have to go for it.  On top of that, I had this fabulous pic of my husband that I just had to use.
I started out with a grid layout of 3 X 3 pieces of scrap and then just embellished over the grid.

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June 01, 2013

I Adore You - CMS #39

I've been away from my blog for a couple of weeks.  I'm desperately trying to get some projects done around the house before the kiddos are out of school.  It seems like I have a bunch of half finished projects.  I guess that is one of the negatives of multi-tasking.

I've been working on a side table that I picked up from craigslist earlier in the year.  I knew that I wanted it to be yellow, but my first attempt was way too pastel for my liking.  The second take was a bit brighter, but my husband said in his kindest voice, "That's a little bright, don't you think?"  I'm currently in the process of decoupaging the tops (2 layers) with old pages of books.  I think I'll still have to antique it a bit more before the poly goes on.

I'm hoping I'll have more time to put into my blog as the boys start their summer studying.  We are working on Spanish again this summer, math facts, states and capitals, and of course the reading contest they do through the library.  This should give momma plenty of scrappy time...  *grin*

Alright, below is my take of the color combo and sketch from Color Me Scrappy.  I struggled with this one.  I'm not sure if it was the colors or the sketch.  Either way, time to move on...

Did you know that CMS is having a DT Call?  Well, they are!  You still have a week to get your application in.  You can check out all the details here.