September 17, 2013

Get it in Gear - CMS #46

I absolutely loved this color combo from Color Me Scrappy.  I thought for sure that I could do a "beachy" LO, but while away on a scrappy night with some girlfriends, they gave me an idea to do a page with this wallet size photos of this car.

We were at the Indianapolis 500 Museum and my husband got carried away with taking pictures of all these cars.  My initial thought was to print them in wallet size and then throw all of them on one LO and move on.  Ha!  That didn't work out, because now I have a page of just one car.  I think maybe I'll stick to my original plan for the remaining photos.

September 01, 2013

Happiest Place on Earth - CMS #45

This is my last crunch time page.  School starts on Tuesday and I will have more time to be creative.  It seems like I've been cramming for a test, hours before, and in some cases, that's exactly what I'm doing.  The reveal goes live at midnight and it's 11 PM and I'm just taking pictures.  **sigh**

As I said, school starts on Tuesday and I'm making mimosas for the bus stop...  he he!  Don't you wish you lived closer??

I'm still behind the game on our trip to Disney World.  Slowly working through the stack of photos...  on a positive note, we only took a couple of small vacations this summer, so there won't be as many to scrap.  I might get caught up...  wishful thinking.  The last time I was caught up in my scrapbooking was when my computer lost it's hard drive and I lost years and years of pictures...  Yikes!

Below is the color palette and the sketch from Color Me Scrappy...  challenge 45.

And my take on it...

I know, I know, I only used 1 photo and made it into 3, but there really wasn't 3 photos that I wanted to use on one page.  I struggle with that.

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