October 26, 2011


Ok, if you've been following me, you know by now that I'm doing a sketch-a-thon at My Scraps & More, so here's another one.

Sketch from 10/14/2011



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Peek a Boo

My Scraps & More is really keeping me busy with this sketch-a-thon.  I really have not looked at any of the other pages that I follow in a bit.  I'm 1/2 way through the month and I'm telling you now that I will not do this again.  20 LO's is just too much!

Anyway, enough whinning!

Sketch inspiration...  in addition to the sketch, we had to use fabric, lace, or ribbon.


I'm OK with this LO, but I think the flower I made out of tulle is just too big for the page!

I will say, that I am in LOVE with the little orange bird paper!  Don't ask which manufacturer, because I just don't know!

Roll with it Baby

Onto the sketch from Oct. 11.  The inspiration was to use a grid in this...  I wavered from the sketch a little bit, but to be honest, who really cares.  Scrapbooking is all about how you interpret the inspiration.


Here we go...

I have to say, that if you ever get stuck for inspirations, a grid is the easiest thing to create.  It really just falls into place and when you only have a small amount of time to complete a page...  well, here you go!

Fair Play

Ok, I'm a bit behind in posting my progress.  According to this, I'm on the sketch from Oct. 10...  I am a bit further than that, but not much.  I hope I have enough energy tonight to get a page or two done.

This sketch-a-thon at My Scraps & More is really making me go through my stash!  I guess I'll have to go shopping! 

Sketch inspiration...

Result...  I'm totally in love with the frame...  it's felt, but it did take up a bit of the page, so having to put two pics in there was tough for me.

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October 16, 2011

Too Loud

Day # 5 at MS&M...

I love this sketch, but the result, not so much.  I had to rotate the sketch to make it work with my photos...

It's one of those that is **shoulder shrug** okay pages...

Oh, just realized I didn't put the date on the tag...  off to do that!

The Joy of Boys

Day #4... at My Scraps & More

I struggled with this one, but really drew inpiration from that green bucket.  Ethan played all day at the sprinkler park with that 1 green bucket.

Dec Twinkle

Okay, as a typical scrapbooker, I'm behind.  I mean, really, do we ever get caught up with what needs to be put into an album!  Not only am I behind in my pics, I'm behind in the Sketch-a-thon taking place over at My Scraps & More.  A sketch every weekday for the month of October...  it's mid October and I just finished up with the first week.  UGH!  On a side note, my husband has to travel for the week, so maybe I can get 2 pages done a night and then be caught up...  only in a perfect world!

Anyway, Day #3...

I've had this tangle of lights for YEARS....  waiting and waiting fo the right page to use it on.

October 07, 2011

2 States

Day 2 at My Scraps & More.  For those that are new to my site, I'm involved in a Sketch-a-thon for the month of October.  A sketch is provided every weekday...  I guess I'm getting as much done as I can.

I combined this with With With 1 challenge!  I LOVE this site, just to let you know!

Day 2 sketch...  also had to use only 2 colors and paint...


My result...

Comments always appreciated!

Amazing Birds

Day 1 of the Sketch-a-thon at My Scraps and more.

Here is the sketch that was provided..  in addition to the sketch, I had to use 2 different shapes.


I had a hard time with this sketch until I rotated it and then everything started to come together.  I used citcles and arrows for my shapes.

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October 03, 2011


Looks like I'll be busy this month...  I just signed up to participate in a sketch-a-thon at My Scraps & More.

Basically, they provide a sketch every weekday and you design a page based on that sketch for the month of October.  Wow, that's 21 pages!!  That what I call productive!

Check back soon and often.

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