March 20, 2013

Earned Privlege

Another one of those pages that I just threw together.  Sometimes, I find the best inspiration in my box of scraps.  As you are aware, my deadline for my 100 page challenge is May 9.  I'm working on something just about every day so I can be done by then.  I have a fabulous shopping trip planned with my friend Pam.  Neither of us have been buying scrapbook related items.  Can't wait!!

Under Lock & Key

This page was one big mess.  My brown misting ink got clogged and when it finally cleared out, I spurt out a huge mess on my BG.  I thought I could just wipe up a bit of it, but that didn't work so well.  As you can see, the BG just got all smeared.  Of course, I didn't freak out...  ok, maybe a little.  Then I thought, just go with it and make it a messy page, so...

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5 x 9 cells - Scrap Friends

I was surprised at how quickly this one came together.  Sometimes, I overthink what I'm going to put on a page.  So, with this one I just grabbed some scraps from my handy dandy scrap box and glued it down.  To give credit where credit is due, I used the sketch from Scrap Friends.
Obviously, my pictures are a bit bigger and the paper behind the pics are bigger, but the overall the page is pretty much a mirror of the sketch.  Maybe that's why it didn't take too long...  ha ha!

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So I'm still steadily working on my "100 pages before I buy scrapbooking stuff" challenge.  My deadline is drawing near and I'm happy to say that I am just 25 pages shy of my goal!  Go me!

Here is a bunch that I haven't posted yet.  Some may have gone with challenges, but really when you are doing this many pages, I loose track of which ones I did for which site.  Oh well!

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Just Visitors - SIT

I fell in love with this sketch as soon as I saw it from Sketches in Thyme (104).  The only problem is I don't normally take more than a couple of pictures of a subject.  How would I do this sketch if I didn't have multiple pictures?

Years ago, and when I say years, I'm talking probably 7 years ago or more.  I saw a page in Creating Keepsakes where they took the same picture and printed it out if different hues.  I fell in love with it then and I certainly still love it now!

Here is my take on the sketch...

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March 15, 2013

Runners - CMS #34

Look at me go with the pink challenges.  I rock, right?  I use pink very rarely, but lately, I've been loving the result!

This challenge was from Color Me Scrappy!  Who doesn't love a color challenge, anyway?  And this one screamed SPRING to me... which, by the way, is right around the corner...  woohoo!  These dark, gloomy Michigan days are really starting to get to me.

The twist this time around was to use tags and/or stitching.

I struggle with tags, so I skipped that little bit and went right for the stitching!  I love to stitch on pages.  I think it really gives the page a little something special.  It can be as simple as a border or you can really go crazy with some of the templates that are available out there.

Here is my take on this challenge...

I've been carrying around this pink cherry paper FOREVER waiting for the right page.  Perfect, right?

The wings are Tim Holtz grungeboard.

A close up of my messy stitching.

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March 03, 2013

Obstacle - CMS #33

Sorry for the delay of this post.  My husband and I took the kiddos to Chicago for the weekend.  We are home now, laundry is started, kids are playing nicely, husband is at the gym and I have a few minutes to sit down and write this post...

This is for Color Me Scrappy.  We are starting our third term and I'm happy to say that this term will fall during our 1 year anniversary.  I'm sure there will be something exciting planned.

I loved the colors of this challenge and the sketch was a great one.  I struggle to put more than 2 pictures on a page, but am pleased with the result of this one.

And the sketch...

Here is mine...
These pictures were from my first Warrior Dash.  I'm on schedule to do my 3rd this summer.
I struggled with this sketch at first just because there were 3 pictures.  I was also trying to come up with a unique was to do the sunburst.  I think the sunburst is, by far, my favorite part of this page.  The stitching was actually an afterthought.  It wasn't in the original plan, but after I put the papers behind the black frame, it looked a bit bland.

I wrapped an arrow with washi tape here.
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