February 15, 2012

Nothing Can Seperate Us

I love this picture.  I had it printed in 5x7 and then have held it not knowing what to do with it, until today...

This day was an important day in motherhood for me.  It was the first day that I took an all day outing with my boys without my husband.  And when I say, all day outing, I mean exactly that.  I think I was feeling a little brave that day because I took them to an amusement park.  It really was a test for both the boys AND for me!  We passed.

Anyway, inspiration for this page came from multiple sources.
  • Sketch # 17 by Get Picky
  • Inspiration by Scrapbookers Anonymouse
  • Color by Color Comos Galore
The page came together much easier than my last.  I need to stop second guessing myself and just go with it.

Thanks for stopping