June 19, 2013

Disney World - CMS #40

The "Disney" album has begun.  If you are looking to get your Mickey fill, keep checking back.

I'm one of those chronological scrappers.  If I don't scrap in order, oh the mess.  I don't want to think about the mess.  For a while, about 2 year ago, I threw caution to the wind and decided to scrap whatever pictures tickled my fancy.  I usually picked a picture that would go nice with a challenge I was attempting.

Since I wasn't working on one particular album, I just stacked up the pages as they were completed thinking I would come back to them and put them in albums.  Well, I sort of got on a roll and when I finally got around to taking care of my stack, I had 9 albums to buy.  Just because I didn't scrap in order doesn't mean I didn't want them in the album in order.  All I can say, is thank goodness for Joann's and Michael's digital coupons.

As I started the organization process, I put each page in an appropriate pile to keep the albums separate.  This process covered my dining room table that sits eight...  Yikes! 

After I organized the pages, I realized that I had gaps in some albums, so I left those pages empty.  I later went back and took notes of which pictures were missing so I could print and scrap them.

I refuse put an album on my shelf until it's complete.  I'm afraid it would be years before I took it back down to only realize there were missing pages.  So now, I have a stack of 5 unfinished albums, which is better than the 9 I started with.

Ok, enough of my story of why I scrap chronologically.  What about you?  How do you scrap?

I LOVED these color at Color Me Scrappy this go around.  The twist was to use a black & white photo AND create a square/grid pattern.

I don't normally print in B&W.  I don't know why...  I usually like the outcome, but not sure why I don't print more of them.

Here is what I came up with...
The picture quality is actually quite poor.  I apologize for that!  The colors are actually quite a bit closer to the inspiration picture.
A few detail shots...

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