September 12, 2012

Geared Up for Fishing - 123 Challenge

This page was designed for the 123 challenge.  We had to use the following:

  • The Word "Man" or "Men"
  • The Color Gray
  • Use Metal
Normally, the first thing I go to after I choose my BG is my scrap paper bag.  Since this challenge required the color gray, I didn't really have any gray on hand.  Either I always use up my gray or it just isn't one that I buy often.

I knew ahead of time that I was going to do this challenge, and I made a special trip to the scrapbook store to find gray paper.  Can you believe there wasn't any that I liked other than solid card stock?

Below is my result:

Sometimes, when Pam and I get stuck or it seems that we are taking too long to get a page done, we set a time for 1 hour.  This is what we did for this page.  Near the end of our time (like 2 minutes left), I still wasn't happy with the result.  I told Pam that it was still missing something.  So I literally gave myself the 2 minutes to create the little banner at the top.

I struggle with mixing my fonts in my title.  I think this was a record for me.  I used 4 different fonts!!  LOL!

Thanks for stopping and have a fabulous day!


  1. Hi Lisa
    I love your take on 123 challenge -love your misting thank you for playing along with us

  2. Love your take on the challenge :) thanks for playing along at 123 :) xo Charmane

  3. Hi Lisa... great take on the 123 Challenge..... XXX

  4. Lisa that looks fantastic!! thanks for joining in at 123 :)