April 11, 2012

Who knew?

Some time ago, my friend Pam came across a blog that featured a woman who I considered a little bit nutty.  As a scrapbooker, I think that the conventional way to scrapbook would go something like this:
  1. pick out a picture
  2. choose coordinating paper
  3. consider possible layouts
  4. choose embellies
  5. glue it all down
Well, this woman (and I wish I could remember or find her site) did everything backwards.  Well, maybe not backwards, but at least MY #1 was her #5.

Anyway, the point of my story is this.  She wasn't nutty at all and if anything, I was wrong.  Recently, I was so very excited to go and spend a night scrapbooking with Pam.  With everything else going on in my life (selling a house and moving from Kentucky to Michigan), I had little time to pack for this fabulous evening!  Pam tells me to just bring my embellies and paper and she would have all the tools I would need.  Well, I just did that...  I packed what I thought I would need, minus my pictures.  I realized this when I was an hour from home and there was no turning back.

Well, I wasn't going to let this ruin my evening.  I was bound and determined to make this work.  I ended up loving everything I did.  We've all had those evenings where not everything was a hit and that some pages were just so-so.  This, was not the case.

I added the photos after I got home.  I love them!

Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Sedona, Arizona

Panama City, Florida

I so enjoyed this way of scrapbooking, I may just have to incorporate this as my norm.  You should give it a try, you might be surprised!

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