April 17, 2012

Color Me Scrappy - Challenge #2

Nature is Man's Teacher

This trip was to the Grand Canyon.  Eric had to work, so I adventured out, across the country with my 2 amazing boys!  They were so good on this trip.  Their eyes full of wonder and awe.  It was funny, because we traveled so long to see the Grand Canyon and all they really wanted to do was play on some rocks.  I asked my oldest, "Do you realize what you are missing right now?"  I got the deer in the headlights look...

Anyway, this page was following the color scheme at Color Me Scrappy - Challenge #2.

Funny story about this challenge.  Pam was on a weekend trip with another girlfriend and she sent me a pic of her result...  she used the same paper I had started to use, so I had to scrap (or should I say toss) that and start over.  I didn't like anything I put on the page after that.

Thanks for stopping!

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