May 31, 2011


Oh the decisions that we have to make...  They seem to be never ending.  Some are big and some are small, but in the end, they all have to be made.  Just like this page.  I arranged the embellies and then rearranged them and then rearranged them again.  The end result is below.  I've been trying to get this layering effect down, but man do I struggle with it.  I'm making progress, but in the end, this is not supposed to be hard!

One of the blogs I follow is White With 1, which is the color inspiration for this page.  Technically, this page is off-white, but with a sepia photo, white doesn't go so well.  The May inspiration is White + Orange + Scallops.

Sketch inspiration provided by Sketchy Thursdays.

I see good and bad with the title.  The good is the uniqueness of the letters.  I love how there is a variety.  The bad, IMHO, is the 'D'.  I think it is too big in comparison to the other letters and I think it takes away from the layering I tried to do above it.

Enjoy!  I forgot to mention that this is my "D" for my ABC Book of Me.


  1. Awesome page ... I LOVE all of the rub-ons ... those are fabulous!!! That stitching on the bottom just rocks ... I love how it's off center and kinda messy, gives it a whimsical look!! I don't mind the large D ... I'm all for using different sizes/fonts in titles ... I think it looks good ... where did you get the orange polka dot heart? I need some of those!

  2. Thanks for the comments. The heart came from Making Memories. I found a pack of shapes and symbols at Tuesday Morning. The picture doesn't show it, but its glittery.