May 24, 2012

Adore You

Don't you love it when mistakes turn out so good?  That's what happened with this one...

This little sliver of a picture was going to be the second picture of a page I had posted earlier, but after I cut it, a little light bulb went off in my head.  I LOVE it when that happens!

Anyway, I thought, why not make this itty bitty pic be the main focus?  I was off and running.  I'm not very good at negative space, but I think I actually like this one.  I always want to fill it up with "stuff".

Enjoy and thanks for stopping!


  1. ok ... seriously ... this ROCKS! I love that little pic ... and the stamped circle around him is perfect ... the painted S stamp w/ the little curly-q's is awesome ... well done! Was this for a specific challenge, I don't remember?

  2. what a fun idea! It's very cute and your overall design and details are wonderful!

  3. Whato a nice idea for that, should try anytime.