March 17, 2011

Proud To Be

For those scrapbookers out there, did anyone ever tell you that it is okay to take other scrapbookers ideas to create your own.  This is the one arena where plagiarism is completely okay.  We actually have a term for it.  It's called scraplifting and everyone does it.  For the start of this blog, that's were a lot of my idea have come from.  This works particularily well when you are having a hard time getting started with an idea.  There are many sites out there that will get you started based on colors or based on the number of pictures you have.  Anything works to get the creative juices going.

To get mine going, I used sketch 245 from Scrapbook Challenges.

 Here is the result..

 If you look a bit closer, there really is a bit going on on this page...

Like wire to hold on the letter.

And inking on the linen flowers to dirty them up a bit, not to mention the layering of embellishments.

And brads to hold the chipboard on...

And if you look really close at the chipboard, it has been painted, then roughed up using a sanding block, and then the edges have been singed to give them a weathered / aged look.

*** One warning if you want to try the burnt chipboard...  Chipboard is made of multiple layers of paper.  It is possible for the inner layers of paper to burn without the outer layers doing the same.  Make sure you completely put out the flame.  If it is still smoking, it is still burning!

Hope this helps in getting your creative juices flowing.

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  1. OMG ... I LOVE this page ... the weathered look to it is fabulous ... I love the way you hung the letters from the chipboard ... that background paper looks texturized, is it? Where did you get the 'freedom' rub on? I love it!

    You rocked this sketch! Great job!