March 11, 2011

First Blog Post

Okay, this is my first time doing this...  that is posting to a blog.  Any blog for that matter, let alone my own.  A dear friend of mine and I have decided to make a "scrapbook resume" of our work.  We've recently wanted to enter a scrap contest and one of the questions was, "Where have you been published?"  Ha!  Nowhere!  Until now.  Look out scrapping world, we have arrived.

This first post was a challenge from Color Combos Galore, challenge # 183.

The way their site works, you use the color combination and the design feature, in this case, butterflies.  Now having 2 boys, I don't typically use butterflies, but nevertheless, here it is.


  1. OMG, Love this! Did you stamp "dream"? That font rocks! I can't believe you used that black lacy ribbon, I'm using the same stuff on my Color Room page!! Is the camera a die cut?

  2. I did stamp the dream... you have this stamp. It was in the last set I got for you from Craft 2000. And yes, the camera is a die cut. Didn't we say we needed to use what we had. It would be considered vintage if that is possible with scrapbooking items.

  3. Yep, vintage is a good scrappin term, IMHO! That font looked familiar ... I like it, I'll have to use it soon!