January 27, 2014

A Bunch of Pages...

I think the hardest part of keeping up a scrapbooking blog is taking pictures of all your creations and posting them.  If you think about it, it's kind of funny because we are taking pictures of our pictures...

Anyway, I've been getting a bunch of inspiration from Pinterest lately.  I used to go to challenge sites for inspiration, but it seems to be changing... my go-to spot is Pinterest first.  Don't get me wrong, I still like participating in challenges, but I always seem to miss the deadline.  I'll create a page and then forget that I created that page until later.  I'm not the type of person that will create a page and immediately take a photo of it.  I'm afraid that type of process will break my mojo, so I add it to a pile and continue creating.

How do you go about posting your creations?  I'm interested in different might work for me!

Anyway, I've done quite a few pages since my last post and thought I'd throw them all in one post.  I hope you enjoy.

All of these pages are going into my Disney album.  Trying to get this one done...

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. Three layouts, all awesome. You have been active :)
    I though that same thing once, taking photos of photos. But love blogging so much it does not matter :)
    Have a great day!