May 01, 2013

Shhh... I'm Hunting Wabbits - CMS #37

When I first looked at this color palette for Color Me Scrappy, I thought to myself, "Yuk, pink".  But when I sat down to do this page, it came together quite beautifully (and easily).  And I was really surprised at how much pink I have in my stash, considering I and the only girl in the household (even the dog is a boy).

And then to go along with the colors was this fabulous sketch...
It's simple enough that it leaves a lot for interpretation.
And this is what I came up with...
This is our handsome puppy Knox.  He is a Braque du Bourbonnais.  His breed is very rare in the U.S., but supposedly he is going to be a great hunter.  Right now, he's just all puppy and too big for his britches!

The hardest part about this LO...  this week, I put my acrylic nails back on and it was extremely difficult to get all the little bits and pieces on the page.  LOL
Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


  1. HI Lisa! I really enjoyed working with these colors and the sketch for this challenge! Your page is awesome - I love it! Knox is so beautiful and I love that he is still a puppy! Your take on the sketch and your title are wonderful!

  2. I love your attention grabber around his face!

  3. I loved these colours, and I love your take on the challenge. Your title is so cute as it Know. Love that you framed his face

  4. Well, you sure rocked the pink for thinking, "Yuck!" ;). And I'm totally loving your mix of patterns here! So pretty! Hey, and thank you so much for having me this month, Lisa! I've had so much fun and wish it didn't have to end. Hugs!

  5. this is so darn cute! I love how you've embraced the pink and used it as a focal point. Your title is so fun. A fantastic layout!