February 12, 2013

More Pages - San Francisco

So, I'm still trying to catch up with all the pages that I've completed in the past few weeks.  Here are a few from our trip to San Francisco.

With this batch, this puts me at 24.

For this one, I cut out the letters on my Cricut and then used the negative.  We had a blast riding around the city on the cable car, getting off at various attractions.  No need for a car in this city.

This was taken at Golden Gate State Park.  It was difficult to really get a good photo because of the wind.  I really needed to use a tripod, but didn't have one...  next best thing?  A fence post!

I love this photo of me.  We were climbing up Lombard Street here.  And yes, it was my birthday.  This was my 40th.  Eric and I went to Napa as well.

Waiting for the cable car!

We couldn't get over the angles of Lombard Street.  The garage door had at least a foot and a half difference from one end to the other.  Wow!

My favorite part of this trip was our tour of Alcatraz.  The history... amazing.  I loved how it looked so beautiful from a distance but knowing what had happened there.  It truly is a mystery location.

How can you not title this page "A San Francisco Treat"?
Thanks for stopping by!

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