November 29, 2012

Freedom - CMS #19

Pam and I recently went on a scrappy weekend. I managed 19 pages that weekend, which I'm totally pleased about.  I try to set a goal each time I go, but normally don't reach it.  This time, my goal was 20 pages.  1 page shy of my goal.  Oh well, maybe next time.

One of the fun things that Pam and I do, is that if we feel our pages are taking too long, we set a timer.  We give ourselves 1 hour to create a page from start to finish.  More times than not, we love our work because we don't think too much about what we are doing.  Sometimes, during the creative process, we tend to overthink what we are putting on the page.  By setting the timer, it gets us to act more quickly.

When you go for a scrapbooking weekend, how many pages do you normally get done? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here is what I did for Color Me Scrappy, challenge #19.

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  1. Love the one hour idea. I tried it today. I was close, but not quite there.

  2. Congrats on almost making your goal of 20!!!! The fact that you made 19 is just simply awesome!!!! I love your layout for this week's challenge!!