September 15, 2011

Flying Pig 10K

It seems I've been away fromscrapbooking for some time.  The kids are in school and the daily routine is really starting to settle down.  I need to make scrapbooking a priority becauses it bring much joy!

I started this page some time ago, but the clutter in my office was really getting to me, so it was time to clean.  I've relocated my scrappy room down to the basement because my office upstairs was just not big enough.  That is either a sign that the room was too small or I just have too much stuff.  I won't comment on that...

anyway, this page was designed for the 123 Challenge ( which for the month of September is:

The word "ON".

Here it is...

Thanks for stopping and comments appreciated!


  1. This page is so athlete cool!!!have a nice weekend!!!

  2. HOLY COW, I just LOVE this page ... the negative stars with the stitching is absolutely amazing ... I love the "10K" letters and the athletic style they've got ... everything about this page is fabulous!!!! I'm just itching to srap with you again ..