August 25, 2011


Color inspiration for this one came from White With 1.  White + Purple + Doodling!  Ha!  I have two boys, so needless to say, purple is not a mainstay here in the Haiss household.

I came across these photos I took of some springtime blooms and thought this will be a piece of cake.  Purple flower, purple theme...  not so much.  I struggled and struggled with a LO and am still not happy with it.  Don't get me wrong, there are some aspects of this page that I absolutely LOVE, and others that I HATE and the rest are so-so.

Some of the things I love, is the lacy banner at the top.  It already came glittered and it was a shade of purple, a very light shade of purple.  I wanted it a bit darker, so I spritzed some watered down ink on it and to my surprise, the ink only stuck to the non-glittered portion.  LOVE the result!

I also LOVE the floss that I wrapped around the letters, which are clear acrylic painted on the backside.

Anyway, enough said...

The result...

Thoughts and comments, good or bad, are always appreciated!


  1. love it absolutely love it .. hugz x

  2. I love panses!!!! your LO is just beautiful!!!! Have a nice Weekend

  3. Isn't it frustrating when a layout doesn't come together as you wish! Fab photos & I love how you've done your title...also love the strip across the top! :)

  4. Lisa ... I really like this one ... and I know how purple is a challenge for you (me too!) I love the lacy strip and the title ... really like the flower and how you used the liquid pearls around it ... I think the butterfly needs some stickles or something to make it pop, it seems to get lost for me ...